Paula Powell, Raez Ranch, Merlin, Oregon“I made tea from PotentGrow 5-2-2 for my 'tomatoes' this seasonusing one cup of pellets per gallon of water steeped for 20 minutes. Plants were fed every two weeks. It was easy to use and non-toxic to handle. I would highly recommend it as an excellent source of organic nitrogen plus a nice array of micro-nutrients. And the customer service I've gotten has been great.” - Paula Powell, Raez Ranch – Merlin, Oregon

"Of all of the trials we have conducted as a bedding plant grower, this is one of the best results we have had with new products and I would highly recommend PotentGrow #522 for growing strong and healthy plants. I look forward to adding this to our fertilizer and soil supplements menu in our greenhouse retail store, planting jobs, and more of our own gardens/flowerbeds." - Kevin Moss, CEO Moss Greenhouses

"During the last year of using PotentGrow 5-2-2 our quality has never been better. PotentGrow 5-2-2 keeps our leaves greener for longer which has resulted in the highest yields we've ever had! It does not burn your leaves in fact it creates perfect leaves which in turn creates perfect flowers. PotentGrow 5-2-2 keeps our plants healthy." - Larry, Owner, Seattle Green Bud – Seattle, Washington

   “Thanks to PotentGrow 5-2-2 my Grandma's old clematis that I've had for over 15 years did better than ever this year. I'm using it on everything!” - Lynda DeZurney, Home Gardener – Brownsville, Oregon

   “My hydrangeas are huge with an overload of blooms from that PotentGrow 5-2-2. Thanks so much!” - Missy Hayes, Home Gardener – Albany, Oregon

"I'm very satisfied with the results. Two applications of PotentGrow Fertilizer about six weeks apart turned a relatively small growing space into a very productive vegetable garden. The soil absorbed it well. The container size was not only sufficient, but easy to manage, and I also appreciated the all-natural aspect. I look forward to using PotentGrow in upcoming seasons." - Twila Lawrence, Home Gardener - Eugene, Oregon

"I prefer using chicken litter over other organic materials because I'm able to see the benefits for up to 6 years." - Rory Martin, Organic Farmer at Montague Farms - Stanwood, Washington

"PotentGrow is an amazing product that has taken the worry out of fertilizing our home garden. With immediate visual results and overall yield increases, this organic pet friendly soil additive has eliminated the need for potentially toxic fertilizers - Mike & Lydia Bell, Home Gardeners - Albany, Oregon

“We have been consistently mixing PotentGrow 5-2-2 into the grow medium of all of our soil plants. In our minds it is the best organic fertilizer for plant growth on the market. It allows us to premix it into our soil and forget about fertilizing until we put the plants into flower. We will reach out and order another batch very soon!” - Addison Pettit, CEO Pettit & Zenner