PotentGrow Organic Fertilizer

PotentGrow is a private company, owned by four partners from Oregon, with office headquarters in the Willamette Valley (Oregon) and operations headquarters in the Skagit Valley (Washington). We have been shipping chicken litter and manure for several years around the Pacific Northwest to a wide range of growers both organic and conventional. They know that of the manures, chicken manure is the most nutrient dense. And they enjoy the slow release effect and the value of the organic matter that it adds to their soil profile. PotentGrow provides chicken coop maintenance services for a large organic chicken company in Western Washington which assures us of a long term supply of quality by-product. Our own crew installs fresh fir shavings in the coops and maintains bedding between flocks of chickens, determining when its time to remove the spent litter at peak nutrient levels. We are proud of the fact that we have built our small firm by bringing together a diverse team that believes in giving a hand up to those who are willing to work hard.